Happy Caturday, sweeties! :)

Hey there, sweeties, Roxy here! 🙂 Sorry we haven’t been around lately, but these have been a rough couple of weeks for me. I’ve been having some medical issues and had to have another surgery (intestinal obstruction caused by hairballs). But don’t worry, I’m feeling much better now. But I hope I NEVER see that VET again!! I’m so sick of going to that PAWFUL place!! I even had to stay there overnight! Boy was that a scary experience! (*shivers*)😾

Besides my health purroblems, the humans have been very busy with work as well. So I can’t promise to be around more often, but we’ll try our best… 🙂

Hope you’re all doing fine! I miss and love ya! ❤

I want my treats! NOW!!

Blow a raspberry!

Happy Caturday, sweeties! Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! 🙂

xx Roxy ❤