A new year… a million new possibilities…

It’s a new year and the PURRFECT time to try something new! So we thought why not try to get a job? One, it might be fun. And two, we might earn enough money to buy tons of nip!! 😀

So here’s our preselection of possible jobs we might like…


FBI Agent

Pretty cool huh?

Or hey, how about being a BILLIONAIRE?



Master of Fun

You think that’s cool? Wait till you see the next one!!


Movie Star

Or how about becoming a FOOTBALL PLAYER?

Football Player

Look at Tigerlino’s BROAD shoulders! Aren’t they impressive? MOL 😆

Or maybe becoming a BAD BOY would be the better career path??? What do you think? 😉

BAD BOY Tigerlino

Hmmm… decision, decision… We just don’t know what career path we should choose.

On second thought, why bother to work when we have slaves, uh we mean humans, to take care of us, right? So why don’t we just do what we do best… NAP! MOL 😉

Roxy & Tigerlino

Have a wonderful day, sweeties! 🙂
xx Roxy & Tigerlino a.k.a. the PURRfessional Napping Kitties



44 thoughts on “A new year… a million new possibilities…

  1. Personally I think we all already have the coolest jobs possibly created. Pampered Pets. Think about it. We don’t have to work. We don’t have to get dressed. We don’t have to pay bills. We don’t have to cook. AND we have servants. What more could we possibly desire? Snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Ah, guys, you don’t have to work! That is what your human is for … to take care of you! Napping is a profession, you know. And you two have that one down to a T! MOL (((HUGS))) MB

  3. Now you’re talkin’ ! Why mess up a perfectly good thing? You’ve got it MADE IN THE SHADE…..too much WORK involved in WORKING. You’re pretty darn good at doing what you’re doing now…..(although a paycheck might be nice!).

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. Napping is definitely a job! Most of us kitties work as nappers. We get paid in treats and love and noms and treats and more noms and toys! No better job than that!!!

  5. OMC Yous do hav lots of options there. You know it might be fun to hav a job fur a day or 2. Me works fur mommy and me luvs it. 🙂 there’s lots of tweats in it fur ya’. Course nappin’s also a good idea.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. Well, I think you two can be anything you want- (FBI agents)! But I think you two should just go what comes naturally- be KATS!! After all, who could ever replace you two napping experts? MOL!!😸

  7. MOL Roxy an Tigerlion you wood make grate robberss an badkatss butt that iss ALLOT of werk! Mee finkss beein Purrfessional katnappeerss iss way bettur 😉
    Xcuse mee; mee iss gonna go take a ‘happy nappy’ now…..
    Scampurrss off, Siddhartha ❤ ❤ ❤

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