I’ve got a car! Woot! Woot! ðŸ˜º

Guess what? I’ve got a brand new, shiny red car! Woot! Woot! 😀

Now you’re probably wondering where I got it from, right? Well, a few weeks ago our furriends Sammy and Shoko told us about their cool race cars. And when I saw pictures of them, I wanted one too. So I begged the humans to get me a car! And since they can’t say no to me they made a car out of a cardboard box! Just for me! My very own CATMOBILE! YAY! 😀


Let's head to the highway...

Speeding is fun… until you see those flashing lights… 😉

Speeding is fun...

Dang! I’m busted… 😼

Speeding ticket...

Uh oh… what will the humans say… 🙀


That was quite the adventure, huh? MOL 😆 But please don’t tell the humans, okay? 😉

Have a wonderful day, sweeties!
xx Roxy ❤


60 thoughts on “I’ve got a car! Woot! Woot! ðŸ˜º

  1. Cool car Roxy!! I love the colour. What a great job your humans did in making it. The three of us should have a drag race. Yeah, I forgot…Sammy won’t get into his car…makes racing difficult. You and I can go cruising the mancats on the strip. I would love a ride in your Catmobile.


  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Way to go! Roxy, selling my Mom’s stuff on ebay was how I was able to afford to build my racecar too but you didn’t hear that from me – OK? I love your car – red and shiny – it’s YOU – totally!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • A fake license is a PAWSOME idea! Thanks, sweetie! I’ll go get one! 😀 MOL 😆 And thanks for not telling the humans. They’d probably put me in time-out or something if they knew about this… 😉 Much love, Roxy ❤

  3. Roxy, your car is so snazzy. Mau had a car for the soapbox derby at Cat Scouts, but Mom recycled it. It was not nearly as nice as yours. Try to drive safely so the peeps don’t take it your car away and put you in time-out. Ho, ho, ho, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. I LOVE your new car, Roxy! Your human did an outstanding job! Boy are YOU lucky to have a human like you do! Cause it is Christmas, don’t worry about being caught for speeding. Santa has an “in” with the cops, so you are A-OK. Besides, Mom BonZo is an elf. (wink) All is OK!! Don’t sweat the small stuff!!! (((HUGS))) Mom BonZo

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