Dear Tigerlino and Roxy – SPECIAL ISSUE

Hey sweeties! Look at this! Our super sweet friend Bacon let us help him out with his “Dear Bacon” issue!!! Thanks, dear Bacon! We had so much fun! 😀 xx


Greetings my dear friends!  This week, we have another great and wonderful guest helping us out with my Dear Bacon issue.  This week, my sweet friends Tigerlino and Roxy are stepping in for me to do a special edition of Dear Tigerlino and Roxy.  Be sure to visit them at their blog and check them out – let them know what a great job they did – thanks Tigerlino and Roxy!!

Dear Tigerlino and Roxy,
Uh-oh. This doesn’t appear to be how the humans lay in this contraption. Sparky is underneath checking out what happened. Secretly I think he’s laughing at me. I jumped on top of this trickery and my legs continued south. Can you help a dog out? Signed Stuck

Dear Stuck,
um… we’re not sure what that thing is for but you’re absolutely right… that’s probably not how you use it. But hey, look on the…

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14 thoughts on “Dear Tigerlino and Roxy – SPECIAL ISSUE

  1. Yow we furgot to come over here n tell ya dat ya ROCKED Bacon’z columm n we fink ya shuud haz yer own here!!!
    Yer DAT guud!
    Lub Nylablue n sherriellen Mum too x0x0x0

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