Who would have known…

Dreams can be funny sometimes, can’t they? Especially dreams like the one I had last night. Wanna know about it? Yes? Okay, here you go…

Well, in my dream I somehow find myself at a very fancy club. The place is packed with kitties and there’s a huge stage at the end of it. But I’m not a bystander in the audience… NOOOO… I’M THE SHOW ACT!!!! Uh oh… 😯 And before I know it I already hear the show host – Billy, the Casanova Kat – address the audience…

Billy, the Casanova Kat: Hey guys! How’s everybody doing tonight?

The crowd screams. Like crazy… And my knees wobble. Like crazy…

Billy, the Smooth Talking Casanova Kat: All right, that’s fantastic! It is so great to be here tonight! Now, I’m so pumped to introduce our first act tonight. He’s an amazing new talent! Please, give it up for Tiger Kitty Perry!!!

The crowds screams excitedly. I slowly enter the stage and open my mouth… but nothing comes out! I swallow loudly. It’s sooooooo embarassing! I try again but my voice is caught in my throat! What the heck, I think to myself!! I can’t believe this is happening to me! But I’m not one to throw in the towel easily, so I clear my throat and try again… and guess what?! I start to SING!!!

Tiger Kitty Perry

And then I woke up in my kitty bed… 😉 MOL 😆

Crazy, huh? I didn’t even know I could sing! So cool! Who would have known that I was so famous! Even if it only was for a (very) short time… 😉 MOL 😆

Have a PURRFECT week, sweeties! 🙂
xoxo Tigerlino a.k.a. Tiger Kitty Perry 😉


28 thoughts on “Who would have known…

  1. Well Tiger Kitty Perry I think we’re all pretty darned famous in our dreams – although I must admit, I don’t SING in my dreams – but I can certainly screech when I’m awake to get my Mom’s attention……I’m a member of the Frequent Screamer Squad you know……

    Happy Monday

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