Freaky Friday Mix Up

OMC! You won’t believe what’s happened to me today! If I hadn’t been there I wouldn’t believe it myself!! But let me start right from the beginning…

Well… what can I say… it all started pretty much like every Friday morning… or so I thought…

Yaaawwwwnnnnn!!! (*stretching*) Oh, what a lovely morning! The sun is already shining! The birds are singing their lovely tunes! Huh? What? Wait a minute! Did I just say “lovely tunes”? Oh My Cats! What’s wrong with me? I’m a CAT! Cat’s are not supposed to think that birds are singing lovely tunes! Birds are annoying little creatures cats love to chatter at… or pounce at… Cats don’t think that little birdies are lovely. They think they are yummy, right? (*snorts*) Uh oh… what was THAT!? Did I just snort!? That’s weird! Why would I do something like that??? Am I still high on catnip or what!? Why didn’t I meow like every other normal cat!? The only one here who is snorting is Roxy when she’s sleeping… oh, no wait, that’s snoring, not snorting. (*snorts*) Oh My Pig! There was that noise again!! 😯 What’s happening to me!? Why do I keep snorting!! Have I gone crazy or what!? Oh, no… I knew I shouldn’t have PAWTIED so much last night! (*sigh*) Now I’m so hungover that I’m already imagining things. 😯 Oh well, maybe I should get up and have some breakfast! Maybe some food will help me think straight again. Yeah, that sounds like a plan… (*running through the hall as fast as my hooves will carry me to the kitchen*)

Mmmmhhhh…. what’s that lovely smell? Is that chicken salad? Woohoo! (*squeal! oink oink!*) OHHHHH MYYYYY PIIIGGGG!!! What was THAT???????? Is it not enough that I’m snorting? Now I’m squealing and oinking like a piggie too!? Oh NOOO! I’ve really gone crazy! Things are so weird today! Not that I have anything against pigs! Pigs are great! And hey, even one of our best friends – BACON – is a cute little piggie! So I know how lovely and cool these little oinkers are! 🙂 But I’m a cat! And cats shouldn’t behave like pigs, should they now? Cats should not snort or squeal or oink… they are supposed to MEOW! (*sigh*) But maybe it was only my imagination running wild? Maybe if I say something now, I won’t oink? Okay, let’s try… “MEEEEEOINK, MEEEEOINK, MEEEEOINK”. OH NOOO!! Why can’t I meow?? Please tell me it’s NOT TRUE! What will Roxy think if she hears me oinking? She’ll have a field day! Note to self: DO NOT TALK TO ROXY TODAY! Though it will be hard not to comment when – due to her clumsiness  – a mishap will happen to her (again)… Dangit!! Looks like this Friday won’t be a fun day! 😦 Well, at least there’s a huge bowl with my beloved chicken salad… YUMMY!!!! (*eating like a pig*) Boy was that good! (*burp*) Ooops, sorry! 😉 Now that I’m fed let’s see what fun will be waiting in my, uh I mean, our room. (*running to the room barking*) Whoa! Stop right there, Mister! WAS I JUST BARKING??? As in barking like a piggie when it’s running!?!? No way! Now I really know that something is NOT right here at all! Things keep getting weirder and weirder! I need a distraction, like NOW, or I’m gonna go crazy! Oh, I know… maybe it will help if I watch some television! (*turning on the TV*) Hey, since when do I even know how to use the remote? WOWZERS! That’s so cool! (*High-Hoove-Five!*) I must have gained magic powers or something while I was sleeping. Yeah! Oh look, there’s a nice chick flick on! CHICK FLICK – what a silly word! (*snorts*) And why is it even called CHICK? I can see no chicks… only boring humans! Oh, wait! What’s that dude doing? What is he sticking his tongue in the “chick’s” mouth for? Is he looking for some remnants of food in there, or what??? (*double snorts*) Oh, and look at them now being all doey eyes for each other… awwwwww… soooo cute! (*snorts*) Oh, that’s gonna be an entertaining movie! “Pass over the popcorn, Mom!” Popcorn? Since when do I like popcorn? But hey, who cares, this stuff is GOOD!! (*munching away and watching the movie*) Oh, wait, whose reflection is that in the television? Is that ME!!?? It can’t be, can it? I need to get closer to take a better look… (trotting over to the television*) OH MY PIIIIIIIGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*screaming like a piggie boy*)

Well, sweeties, you won’t believe what I saw when I looked at my reflection in the television. It was the shock of a lifetime! Because… believe it or not… I had actually turned into a pig!!!!

The Lovely Bacon Thompson

Into Bacon to be precisely…

I know, I know… now you’re probably gonna say: “You’re a pig now? So what? Look how cute you are!! So what’s wrong with being a pig?” And you’d be absolutely right! There’s NOTHING wrong with being a pig! Pigs are AWESOME… and cute… and funny… and the best friends one can wish for! But I was still FREAKED OUT by the fact that I had somehow switched bodies with Bacon! How was this even possible? What the heck had happened to us!? Was this what they call FREAKY FRIDAY, or what!?

Well…  after my freak out, I suddenly felt super tired! So I went to my own bedroom to lie down on my toddler bed and covered myself with my King sized security blankie made of Egyptian cotton (huh… since when do I own cool stuff like that… 😉 ) where I immediately fell asleep…

And you know what? When I woke up again and walked (*as smoothly as tiger*) over to the television to check my reflection again I – to my utter delight – saw THIS!!!!!!!!


Oh My Cats! You can’t imagine how relieved I was to see my very own reflection in the TV screen again! I had never before been that happy to see myself! MOL 😆

(*Squeal! Happy piggy kitty dance – shake it to the left – shake it to the right!*) 😉

Oh, but I have to go now! I really need to tell that crazy, freaky story to my cute friend BACON THOMPSON! He won’t believe what a Freaky Friday I had!! See ya! 😉

Have a PURRFECT (*freak free*) Friday, sweeties! 😛
xoxo Tigerlino ❤


46 thoughts on “Freaky Friday Mix Up

  1. Good grief it’s all very freaky indeed!!!! we don’t know which way is up with you guys!!! whoaaaaa freaky Friday indeed!! hugs and loves and confusion Fozziecat bwahahaha xxxxx

  2. Oh there is nothing wrong with being a pig, but I am glad you are you. While having an extra Bacon around would be cool we would miss you bunches. Plus it is fun being a kitty right?

    • Yep, I’m glad I’m back to my normal kitty self! Though I have to say that it was fun being Bacon! He sure has a GREAT life over at Hotel Thompson… 😉 xx Tigerlino ❤

  3. MOL Tigerlino what hapuned wiff yous and Bacon. Dat wuld fuw suwe be a shock. Meez wuldn’t know what tu du ifin meez woke up as anyfin’ but a kitty giwly. MOL Hav a Pawsum weekend……as yous selff.

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥


  4. Yow Tigerlino WHAT DA KAT happened?? How cuud ya beecome me sweetpiggieboy?? Dat waz sum weerd n cwazy dreem n me iz glad ya iz ya n Bacon iz Bacon….me iz so confused now too…
    Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

  5. Yeow me must agree wif ya…dat Nip must bee poe-tent stuff… n Mum iz still dizzy frum reedin yer bloggie…dat must hab bin sume far out dreem fer shure…me wuud not nose what to do if me were nott me…*shudderz*
    Beein a piggie cuud be alot of fun tho’…
    After all, look at ALL da fun Bacon haz at Hotel Thompson!!!! 😉
    Much lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • Oh yes, being BACON is AWESOME!! He gets really pampered over at Hotel Thompson! And you’re right… his life is SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!! 😀 You’re so lucky to be his girlfriend… 😉
      Much love ❤ Tigerlino ❤

    • I know right? This dream was beyond strange… Mmmhhh… maybe I should really lay off the nip for a while… How about I take some mushrooms instead??? MOL 😆 (*Oink! Oink! *) 😉 xx Tigerlino

    • I know right? There were some REALLY strange things going on. The last thing I remember is that we were having a nip and strawberry PAWTY but the rest is just a blur… 😉 MOL xx Tigerlino (*chuckles*)

  6. Yow Tigerlino me had no idea dat sweet Bacon liked me so much…me waz so sirprized he wanted to bee me boyfurend me can tell ya!!!
    Bacon haz a wunderfull Life at Hotel Thompson n hiz pawentz are furabuluss peeple.
    Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

    • Awww, sweetie! How could anyone not like you! You’re sweet and lovely and kind-hearted and smart and so beautiful! It’s an honor to be friends with you! Have a wonderful easy Sunday! 🙂

      Kitty hugs ❤ Roxy & Tigerlino ❤

  7. **floofz self up**
    Phankz fer such guud werdz Tigerlino…trust me dere are sum who finkz me snobbie n sum fink me too pampurred (?) n sum peeple fink Mum iz kruel fer keepin me alive…..
    So beeleeve me it iz lubly to be liked so much!
    Lub ❤ Nylablue ❤

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