Guess what???

Tomorrow is my 5th BIRTHDAY!! Yeah!!! 😀 Isn’t that AWESOME!? I’m super excited! I can’t wait for TOMORROW to come! Well, I normally hate Mondays as Mondays mean back to work for the humans… 😦 But this time, I’m already counting down the hours till that special day of mine arrives! 😀 I mean, you only have birthday once a year, right!? So I have every reason to be excited about it, right? 😉 It’s a day where everything evolves around you! Where you get showered with presents… uh oh… I’ve totally forgotten to write a Birthday Wish List! 😯 Oh nooooooo!!!!!!!! Do you think it’s too late to write one??? Do you think the humans will be able to get me the things I want in time???? Geez… how could I forget about something as important as writing my Birthday Wish List!! Well… I can still write one, right? 😕

Tigerlino’s Birthday Wish List

Dear humans, guess what!? 😀 It’s that time of the year again! No, no, no, not X-MAS…but my BIRTHDAY!! 😀 I’m hoping you will look at this wish list in time and take some hints on what to get me…

:mrgreen: More quality time with you (yeah, I’m talking about you HUMANS!!! WORK IS SOOO OVERRATED, you know!!)
:mrgreen: Catnip, Catnip, Catnip
:mrgreen: Wheels for my cool Bugatti race car,  so I can take part in the Formula One Race that’s taking place in Malaysia next weekend
:mrgreen: Catnip, Catnip, Catnip
A subscription to  “GQ Tomcat” and “Cathouse Magazine”
:mrgreen: Catnip, Catnip, Catnip
:mrgreen: A truckload full of my favorite treats
:mrgreen: Catnip, Catnip, Catnip
:mrgreen: NO MORE VET VISITS!!
:mrgreen: Catnip, Catnip, Catnip
:mrgreen: Oh, and could you please get me my own blanket…so I’ll stop using Roxy’s… (her paw swipes are quite painful, you know) 😆
:mrgreen: Oh, and did I already mention Catnip??????????????????


(P.S. In case you’ve forgotten… my birthday is on March 24, 2014… that’s like TOMORROW!!!!!!!!)

xoxo Tigerlino 🙂



18 thoughts on “Guess what???

  1. Happy birthday eve! How exciting! Hope your humans get you something special – say a lifetime supply of catnip? 😉 Big hugs Julia & Oscar

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