And the Oscar goes to…

And the Oscar for BEST MOVIE KISS EVER goes to the cast of Hollywood Blockbuster “SPIDERMAN”:

Tobey Maguire Tigerlino as Spiderman and Kirsten Dunst Roxy as Mary Jane

The Kiss of the Spiderman...


17 thoughts on “And the Oscar goes to…

  1. This is what happens in live shows! Someone always gets it wrong LOL I suppose it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to dress as Spiderman when you are afraid of spiders Tigerlino. Cute photo 🙂

  2. Tigerlino, what is up with you and the bathtub? Just about every time I come here you are in the bathtub. Do you have a bathtub fetish? And Roxy, that tummy is so tempting I would just LOVE to rub it and not only that, but bury my face in it and give you belly kisses! Purrzzzzzs,
    Mom BonZo

    • Ooooh, I LOVE belly kisses! You can come over here any time you want too! 😀 And yes, Tigerlino spends a lot of his time in the bathtub! He like to drink water from the faucet… 😉
      Purrs, love and hugs, Roxy 🙂

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