LOL Cats

Der Hund war's...

The dog did it...


23 thoughts on “LOL Cats

  1. Of course, the neighbor’s dog did it! Who else could it be? Not you, not Roxy!
    Tigerlino, you are Purrfectly handsome and creative 🙂 I hope the humans would believe you.
    If everything else fails, just pull the emergency arm and put your “heart-breaking” face on you.
    Good luck, my love <3<3<3
    Yours forever, Mimi

  2. Yeah, it’s cat’s rule number one to blame the doggie, right? 😉 Not sure though whether the humans will believe me… 😆 But if they don’t I could always put your plan into action and put on my most heart-melting face… 😉
    I love you, my beautiful, gorgeous, lovely Mimi! I’m so glad you’re mine! 🙂
    Yours forever, Tigerlino ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. If your humans don’t believe you, it is either because they are tired or it could be that you have been caught in the middle of many indecent, naughty actions, so they are suspicious from you.
    Otherwise, your natural-born heart-melting, killing-melting face is irresistable. Only a robot would dare looking in your face more than a minute and can hold himself without jumping on you. (I doubt, a robot even can’t do it)
    I HEART you, my handsome, gorgeous, gentlekitty boyfriend Tigerlino! I’m more so glad that you’re mine! 😀
    Yours forever, Mimi <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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