LOL Cats

We don't need any more pets around here...


20 thoughts on “LOL Cats

      • Sehr gut, macht mal gleich die Front klar! Stöckchenholer muss nicht sein – der klaut euch die Leckerlies und die besten Schlafplätze und die Dosies! Passt bloß auf!
        Schnurrer Engel

      • Oh mein Gott! Du hast recht, Engelchen! Am Ende stiehlt uns der “ach so süße kleine Hund” noch die Show!! Und übernimmt wenn’s geht vielleicht sogar noch unseren Blog! 😯 Nein, nein, nein! Das können wir nicht zulassen!! Danke für die Warnung, Engelchen… 😉 Schnurrer, Roxy & Tigerlino

  1. Dear Tigerlino, what are you talking about? Did your humans brought a pet to your house, without your permission? This is a deal-breaker!
    This week they have crossed the line too much! First, they let you alone in the house for too long on Monday and now this? Breaking a vase, jumping into the kitchen sink is a must to do and plus now you’re taking over the bed and they get the sweet baskets like the one Roxy’s napping in.
    Oh my goodness my dear brother, what is happening over there 😦
    Is there anything we can do for help?
    Me and Mimi, we are very sorry about this and totally at your side(as always).
    We love you <3<3<3
    Yours, Yelloz&Mimi

    • Ooh, thank you so much for your support Mimi and Yelloz!! The humans mentioned something about getting a dog! But we’re not sure whether they were just kidding or not! You never know with the humans! 😦 So in order to show them what we are thinking about their “great” idea, we did this LOL Cat to discourage them… Let’s hope it worked… 😉
      Thanks for offering your help! You’re the best!! We LOVE you too! <3<3<3
      Yours, Roxy & Tigerlino

      • We are cats! We don’t understand jokes that hunans may make us. But of course we keep the right of our jokes between cat-to-cat and cat-to-human 🙂 🙂 🙂
        But if it is true, if they get a dog, let’s think of the advantages! You may break anything you want around the house and it is always the dog being punished! You may offer the dog catnip and when he’s high, you may lead him to make mistakes and this time he will be guilty for real and punished again!!!
        Wow, wouldn’t it be fun?
        But if he’s so sweet, poor little orphin fellow, left to the shelter 😦 ?
        Oh, then his life would change positively. It would be a very good thing to adopt him…
        Still, the humans should be asking for your approval 🙂
        We hope that we are not talking too much… If so, we are sorry…
        We love you so much, and anything makes you upset, makes us even worse!
        We HEART you <3<3<3
        See you in Dream Land our Loves!
        Yours, Yelloz&Mimi

      • Oh, you’re right! If we had a dog we could do a lot of mischief and blame him for it! What a GREAT idea! Wow, sweethearts, you’re so clever! 😀 And getting the dog high on catnip sounds like a lot of fun, hehehe… 😉
        And you’re absolutely right, the humans should ALWAYS ask for our approval! They can’t just decide something like that without us! 😦 But then again, we think the humans were really just kidding…
        You could NEVER talk too much! We love it when you comment, so don’t worry about talking too much. 🙂
        We HEART you!! <3<3<3
        Yours, Roxy & Tigerlino

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