Life is good, when you’re a cat!

It’s great being a cat, isn’t it? Cats are the most fortunate living beings on this whole planet!! We can sleep whenever we feel like it, always have free food given to us, get our hair brushed for us and get a lot of cool toys to play with… We bet that if the humans could live like a cat for a week they would! We bet they envy the good life we cats are fortunate enough to live. We bet they would love to stay in bed all day, relax and indulge themselves with treats that are given to them. We bet they would love to act indifferently to other humans – and get away with it! Oh yes, we’re sure the humans envy us – because life is SO GOOD, when you’re a cat. 😀

Roxy & Tigerlino


20 thoughts on “Life is good, when you’re a cat!

  1. Ali says life is so good and her human would like to crawl in her big cardboard box bed, filled with terry cloth and sleep too.

  2. Dear Roxy, Dear Tigerlino,
    Yes, Life is Purrfect as a cat!!!
    We are happy that you’ve underscored such an important issue with a topic to be discussed.
    The humans envy us (I can hear them talking to each other or even to us) and they say “oh, I wish I were a cat and didn’t have to work, make the bed, wash and clean the things we use, etc”. But being a cat comes with a price!!! They don’t know how much we work on ourselves. That 1 hour awake makes us so tired that we need to sleep 23 hours to come back to ourselves. We look beautiful, we have heart breaking faces and produce convincing sounds for treats and everything. This is the words most tiring job ever.!!! Because humans need to sleep max 8 hours a day, but you know about our need of sleep.
    So it means that we are more hard workers in a day if we compare!
    This is our cover-up plan OK? 😀 😀
    A secret between us. If they ever want to change the roles, we say them our jobs are more tiring from theirs.
    You are wonderful to mention about a topic this!!!
    We love you<3<3<3
    Yours Yelloz & Yours Mimi

  3. Das glaube ich euch gerne!!! Leider geht es aber doch nicht allen Katzen so prima wie euch.
    Aber ich freue mich natürlich für euch, dass ihr so ein schönes Zuhause und liebe Dosies habt, die euch von Herzen verwöhnen.

    Liebe Grüße von


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