Humans: Pro Con List

Living with the humans – Pro Con List

Humans are quite annoying sometimes, aren’t they? Like when they yell at you for NO reason. I mean I did them a favor by breaking that stupid vase, right? It was ugly anyway!! So what’s the big deal??? πŸ™„ They also try to dictate which things in the house we are allowed to shred (scratching furniture) and which we are not (couch, curtains,… the list goes on endlessly)! Don’t they know that we sharpen our claws whenever and wherever we want to? I’m telling you, if it weren’t for the free food and the warm shelter, we probably wouldn’t bother with them anymore… They’re just too stressful!! Okay, okay, I admit they have (some) good qualities too. They are quite well-trained and loyal servants who constantly follow our every demand and desire (well almost every demand…). And they can be quite entertaining. It’s always funny to see how creative they become when they try to get our attention… πŸ˜† Don’t they know that the easiest way to get us to respond to them is by shaking the treat bag!? πŸ˜‰ Since I’m not sure whether living with humans is a good thing or not I made a pro con list to help me decide…


πŸ˜› Free food
πŸ˜› Shelter
πŸ˜› Free toys
πŸ˜› TREATS!!!!!!!!!!!
πŸ˜› Free catnip!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€
πŸ˜› Humans are quite entertaining πŸ˜†
πŸ˜› The humans seem to love us very much and it’s nice to curl up in their lap πŸ™‚
πŸ˜› Pouncing on toes that move under the bed covers is a lot of fun πŸ˜‰


❗ We’re not allowed to break things, shred things, shed on things,… 😦
❗ Annoying vistors causing us to hide under the bed for HOURS!!!! 😦
❗ Treats are not available 24/7 as they should be…
❗ The humans are sometimes not obediant enough
❗ Vet visits 😑

Okay, I guess the humans win… for now… πŸ˜‰

xoxo Roxy



31 thoughts on “Humans: Pro Con List

  1. Consider to delete the ‘Treats are not available 24/7. πŸ˜‰
    You know what happens, when they are available on a 24/7 basis: They are no longer special – they are degraded to common food. You wouldn’t want that, Roxy. πŸ™‚

  2. Dear Roxy,
    It’s wonderful that you have started this important discussion.
    We also have our problems with the human servants at home with a purrfect match!
    We are 6 siblings, but we have 7 names as a total. We thought that “NO” is a common name that they call us, when we are in the middle of an extreme fun!
    I would like to add something to your list (actually it could be one of Tigerlino’s pro) If it is OK for you also πŸ™‚ : Playing with the feet under the bed cover. πŸ™‚ If we didn’t have any human servants, we wouldn’t have any mobile furless feet that we may play with! Mimi is also a fan of that game as Tigerlino.
    Love you so much, my clever, smart, beautiful lady Roxy.
    Yours, Yelloz

    • Hey my sweetheart! You’re absolutely right, we have to add this to the pro list. Because without humans there wouldn’t be any fun playing with their furless feet under the bed cover!! πŸ˜€ Tigerlino was thrilled to hear that Mimi loves to play with furless feet too! It’s great that they have that in common! He is running around the house with a BIG grin on his face… πŸ™‚
      Love you so much, my super smart boyfriend! ❀
      Yours forever, Roxy <3<3<3

      • Oh, i’m so happy you’ve liked my pros, for a moment I wondered whether it wasn’t my place to say that. But if I were to make a list, it wouldn’t be better than yours. I just remembered Tigerlino’s special interest for furless feet (which is a match with Mimi’s taste) so I wanted to share. I’m sorry if I have crossed the line…
        Now Mimi is tired from playing with Serv Z’s feet and she’s cleaning up for Dream Land πŸ™‚
        Love you so much more, my more super smart girlfriend! ❀
        Yours forever, Yelloz <3<3<3<3

      • You haven’t crossed any line, sweetheart! We love your input… Thanks so much! And if you read that post again, you’ll see that we have added your suggestion to the pro list… πŸ˜€
        Love you so, so, so much! <3<3<3
        Yours forever, Roxy

      • Wow!!! Thank you. I’m extremely happy that you’ve added to your list, I’m honored so much!!!
        Thank you my love <3<3<3
        You're so the best that I can't find the right words to express my thoughts and happiness because of you πŸ™‚
        I love you <3<3<3
        Yours forever, Yelloz

  3. Roxy and Tigerlino, I look at it on the bright sight… of life… even if there are some cons on the list, we’re always running the whole show, even if they think they do… πŸ˜‰ Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend πŸ™‚

  4. The humans are not bad and we are lucky to have them, I once met a cat who had no human home and he was scruffy and would spend his days looking for food scraps and shelter, I have also seen other cats who live in a cat home waiting to be adopted and they have to share a space with lots of other cats that would be a nightmare! There are times when they are inconsiderate of our desires but not everyone cat be as purrfect as us cats! Purrs, Morris πŸ™‚

  5. Es ist echt erfreulich, dass die guten Seiten der Dosies auf der Liste ΓΌberwiegen.
    Katz, was habt ihr es auch manchmal mit den Dosies schwer!!!

    Liebe Grüße von


    • Das kannst Du laut sagen, liebe Elke! Die Dosis machen einem das süße Katzenleben manchmal echt schwer! Aber sie haben eben auch ihre guten Seiten… πŸ˜‰

      Liebe Grüße,
      Roxy & Tigerlino πŸ™‚

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