LOL Cats

Hollywood Blockbuster
The Lord of the Rings” “The Lady of the Ring”

Starring Liv Tyler Roxy

The Lady of the Ring...


19 thoughts on “LOL Cats

  1. My Roxy, My Lady! You don’t need a hobbit when you have me, my Love!
    You look beautiful as always as in each picture of yours. Don’t stay inside the ring for so long, you there is the risk that you may go to the dark side…Even if you go there, then there wouldn’t be a dark side any more since it will be the new bright and good side. Where-ever you are, is the side representing love, joy and light, my love…
    I love you my lady Roxy<3<3<3
    Kisses and sweet dreams
    Yours, Yelloz

    • Oh my sweet Yelloz, you’re so right! Who needs a hobbit, when I have you!! You’re way cuter anyway! I heart you so much, my handsome boyfriend! 🙂 Oh and don’t worry about the ring dragging me over to the dark side. I left it as soon as I read your text… so no harm was done… yet (I guess 😉 )
      I love you! You’re my Prince Charming! 🙂
      Kisses and sweet dreams!
      Yours forever, Roxy ❤

      P.S. Meet you in Dream Land in 30 minutes… 🙂

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