Only a happy cat is a GOOD cat!!

😆 Drop everything as soon as you enter the house in order to pet, feed and spoil your cat (in exactly that order!). After that you’re allowed a coffee break of 10 5 minutes before the whole procedure has to be repeated…

😆 Treats have to be given not only once in a while but EVERY SINGLE DAY! Only a happy cat is a GOOD cat! Don’t you ever forget that! 👿

😆 Don’t EVER wake us up while we’re sleeping! Cats, on the other hand, are ALWAYS allowed to wake you up (e.g. to remind you of your duties like feeding, pampering,…)!

😆 Change litter regularly, as we cats do not like using dirty litter boxes. If you don’t… well… you’ll regret it! There are only so many hairball messes a persian carpet can take before it’s ruined to the point of no return, hehehe…

😆 Make sure that you spend quality time with your cat! 24 hours a day will suffice…

😆 Cardboard boxes and cats are a match made in heaven… so make sure there are always enough boxes at our disposal (e.g. for hiding purposes or to ship you off to the desert…)

😆 Vets are overrated… so scratch those annoying annual visits to the vet from the to-do-list!!



18 thoughts on “Only a happy cat is a GOOD cat!!

      • You have to go to a big scary place called London and then go to a big scary building called houses of parliament which Guy Fawkes tried to blow up and that’s why they have horrible scary fireworks here every November! I think becoming Prime Minister will require a lot of bravery but do it for the cats of England!

      • Hey sweety, for you we’ll be brave! You and all the cats of England are totally worth the try! We cats have to stick together!!!! We don’t know if Tigerlino can apply for the position of Prime Minister (Birman cats are of French origin), but Roxy is a British Shorthair… so she might be able to apply… 🙂
        And our humans love Britain and have been to London several times… so they might help us find the house of parliament… 🙂 xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

      • I am sure they will let Tigerlino also be prime minister, you can have a coalition government like what we have now. If Tigerlino does his cute face then they will let him do anything I’m sure 🙂 xoxox Morris

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