Pssst… hey you… it’s me, Tigerlino! Can you see me? No? THANK KATS!!! Then Roxy won’t find me in my hiding spot either! Why I’ve gone into hiding, you ask? Well, you know, there’s this super cool catnip mouse I played with today… only it wasn’t my toy mouse but Roxy’s… and what’s worse… it was torn to pieces while I was chewing on it with my teeth! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ I’m in REAL trouble now!! Not only was it Roxy’s toy, but it was her FAVORITE toy! If she notices that the mouse is gone she sure as kats won’t be pleased and will be out for revenge. And she can hit you quite hard with that paw of hers, you know… So I’m really scared right now! I don’t know what will happen once she finds me… Just in case I won’t survive and you’ll never see me again, know that I’m going to miss you all… Bye, bye and fingers crossed she won’t EVER find me… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

xoxo Tigerlino (*shivering in his hiding place*)


I’m good at hiding, right??


26 thoughts on “Pssst….

  1. Oh, no! Tigerlino! You really are in big trouble. Roxy is going to po’ed which means really mad. Oh boy! You shredded her fav toy? How could you? What possessed you to do it? No, don’t tell me, I know. That catnip just makes you act in ways you normally do not. I know. I’ve seen plenty a time, my guys go nuts.

    I’ll see if I can get Cookie, who is REAL good at telepathy to talk to Roxy for you so that she won’t hit you. Wish me luck!

    Mom Bonzo

    • Greetings from my hiding spot, dear Mom Bonzo! Roxy hasn’t found me yet… so I’m still alive! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help! Fingers crossed that it works! I would be forever grateful to you and Cookie!!! You’re the BEST!!! Hope we’ll see each other again…

      xoxo Tigerlino โค

  2. Oh no Tigerlino! What have you done? I’m sorry my friend but you are in trouble. You’ve crossed the silent agreement between the Katz-Sister-Brotherhood! We don’t touch each others food nor toys (beds are due to discussion.
    If I know my Roxy, my lady, she would be furious at first, but immediately she would forgive you. But she is the one who will decide for a penalty punishment!
    She wouldn’t notice you at where you are hiding, but you can’t escape from the truth, brother…
    Best of luck, Yelloz

  3. Oh Yelloz, please don’t be mad at me! I didn’t mean for it to happen! I didn’t do it on purpose!! I know it was wrong to take something that wasn’t mine but the mouse smelled sooooo good! It was too tempting! Fortunately, Roxy hasn’t noticed that the mouse is gone yet… so there’s still hope (for me)! And I want to make it up to her… I’ve already bought her a new toy mouse online. If only it was here already!!! Well, I have to hope for the best…

    Hope to see you again, brother…

  4. My dear friend Tigerlino, how is it possible for me to be mad at you, especially when you have good-will in your heart… Let’s define this situation as an accident due to uncontrollable instinct. Fair enough.
    What you have done is very gentle-cat of you that you already have ordered online a new mouse.
    So, problem is solved.
    Roxy has the softest, purest heart in this world. I’m sure (and pray) tbat she would forgive you.
    Mimi asked from Servant Z to go to some basement to catch a real mouse for you and send it to you. But we convinced her back. She has fallen sick in bed since something bad may happen to you.
    We love you and support you (mostly pray) Tigerlino.
    Hugs and kisses
    Yelloz & (hiding in bed) Mimi with love<3

    • Hey Yelloz, thank you for your prayers! And you’re right, Roxy is a kind-hearted kitty. I was scared first, but I actually doubt that Roxy would do me any harm! And well, the mouse should be delivered soon, so I won’t have to hide for much longer…

      But oh my God, poor Mimi!!! Oh no! What have I done! I don’t want her worrying herself sick over what might happen to me! Please tell her that everything will be alright! Tell her she needn’t worry… I’ll be fine! Tell her I love her and that we’ll meet in Dream Land…

      Thanks, my brother, for being a friend I can rely on! It means so much to me! From what I can see from my hiding spot it looks like Roxy is already in Dream Land. So you’d better hurry if you want to meet her there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Tigerlino โค

      • As soon as Mimi heard that everything is going to be alright, she jumped off frim her bed directly to her late dinner. She’ll brush her teeth, make Serv Z brush her fur and put on her night relaxing perfume and back to bed, to meet you. This Serv Z is working on a project she told but we didn’t understand details, only we heard that she will be working late until next Friday. (Unless it is not a sentence involving Roxy, Tigerlino, Caturday, food/treat, forbidden place and the same monster you have in the closet used in doomsdays, our selective perception is closed.)
        I need to go to my rendez-vous with my lady Roxy…<3
        Mimi is kissing you catnipillion times. I don't understand my brother what she meant, it's between you and her.
        I'm happy you are safe and sound.
        Sweet dreams:-)
        Hugs and kisses, Yelloz

  5. Hey Yelloz, I’m so glad that Mimi is feeling better and that I’m going to meet her soon in Dream Land. I’m sorry to hear that Serv Z. has to work so much. I hope she won’t be too exhausted when she comes home. You, Mimi and your siblings should give her extra hugs each time she comes home, so she won’t be too stressed out! I had to laugh out loud at the thing with your selective hearing, hehehe. That’s too funny! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sleep well, my brother! And thank you for passing Mimi’s message on to me! I will be giving her catnipillion kisses once I’ve arrived in Dream Land… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Sweet dreams ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hugs and kisses, Tigerlino

  6. Hey Tigerlino, thought I better tell you that I think you put the wrong picture up by accident as you’re not in this picture, all I can see is what looks like a net curtain. I’m so excited to know where your hiding place actually was in case I can use the idea myself!

  7. Das Versteck ist gut, aber sehr verdรคchtig ๐Ÿ™‚ Tu einfach so, als wรคre alles wie immer ๐Ÿ˜€ Muss ja ne verdammt tolle Maus gewesen sein, dass du sie zerpflรผckt hast ๐Ÿ™‚
    Schnurrer Engel

    • Okay, werde ich tun! Aber bis jetzt hat die Roxy noch nichts gemerkt, hihihi! Und ja, die Maus hat echt super lecker gerochen. Da hรคttest Du auch nicht widerstehen kรถnnen… ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Schnurrer Tigerlino

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