LOL Cats

WOW! That was the BEST catnip EVER!!! I WANT MORE!!!!


10 thoughts on “LOL Cats

  1. LOL What cuties! Cat nip is pretty awesome. Cinco and Manna love cat nip too. Whenever I go to the cabinet I keep the bag of cat nip in, both of them follow me and wait for me to get it out (even if that’s not what I went in there for).

  2. Catnip Pawtiers!!! Brilliant you are!!!
    After a soft brushing is good for hangover!
    Dear Roxy, my Lady, you look beautiful and glowing blue <3<3<3
    We are pawtying too but without you, missing you…
    I heart you more than catnip 🙂
    Mimi and all the siblings are up in the air, we have received your 500,000 treats, today!!!
    We've introduced a chipped card system for the whole treasure, otherwise my siblings would eat and finish them immediately. I as the Ceo of the board have divided the shares according to our weights. Here are the results :
    Yelloz 131,950 + Mimi 109,700 + Pirpir 81,750 + Memo 70,600+ Zero 57,650 + Meyla 48,350 = Total 500,000.
    We've calculated that until next time this year we can have treats between 132-362 pieces per day. So, it is too much!!!
    If Tigerlino would accept, we would like to share our treats with the stray cats, but not all of course.
    What do you say?
    I love you ❤
    131,950 kisses to my love ❤
    Your Yelloz

    • 😆 You’re right! That’s way more than a single cat can eat per day! Of course you can share them with the stray cats! We’re going to share our treats with the neighbor’s cats too! I mean we are only two cats! So there will be even more leftovers here than at your place. 😉 Thanks for pointing that out. We hadn’t even thought about it!
      Yelloz, I heart you more than catnip, treats, a can of tuna and my favorite toy mouse! 🙂
      262,810 kisses to my love <3<3<3<3<3<3
      Yours forever, Roxy aka *the Catnip PAWTY Girl*

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