LOL Cats

At the bank’s counter…

Hi, I'd like to cash that check I got for Christmas for 1.000.000 cat treats please...


13 thoughts on “LOL Cats

  1. Dear Tigerlino, Please be careful with all the cash when you go out of the bank!
    How can you manage to be so handsome looking, would you please explain it to me?
    Is it related to your beauty naps 23/24 hrs a day? If yes, keep on doing which is the right path!
    You are adorable!
    Serv Z.

    Ps. Mimi has started attending “chasing the toy-ball” classes to lose some weight. So she fell asleep early. Tomorrow she’ll be mad that I didn’t wake her up 🙂

    Hugs and Kisses to you dear Tigerlino and to beautiful Roxy.

    • Hey Serv Z., don’t worry! I was careful at the bank. 😉 They granted my wish and now I’m in possession of 1.000.000 treats!! Cool, right!? I’ve already sent half of it your way… so Mimi and Yelloz and their siblings can enjoy them too!!! Please tell Mimi I love her! 🙂

      I’m off to Dream Land now…

      Goodnight and sleep well, dear Serv Z.! 🙂
      xoxo Tigerlino

      • Oh, it’s Purrfect!!!
        THANK YOU!!! You’re not only handsome and clever but also very generous!!! Yelloz, Mimi and the siblings are partying now!!!
        Today, the persian one Pirpir is out with me, to have a hair cut… He’s not very happy but his fur is always mixed although I brush him twice a day. It’s better for him. I’ll present his before and after pictures this evening.
        Which day is today? It’s CATURDAY!!!
        Wish you a great day!!!
        Mimi, Yelloz and all of us in the family, we love you so much!!!
        You bring the SUN in our world<3<3<3
        Hugs and Kisses
        Serv Z.

      • Oh, cool! We are pawtying here too! CATURDAY is ALWAYS a good day to PAWTY!! We’re having some awesome catnip here, so things couldn’t be better right now… 😉 The only thing that would make our day even more purrfect ans sweeter is if you guys were here to pawty with us! Please tell Yelloz and Mimi that we love them very much! 🙂 We miss you guys!! ❤
        Ooh, a new post on a kitty haircut! Cool! We're looking forward to the before and after pictures! See you then… 🙂
        We wish you a PURRFECT day too!
        You are our sunshines too! ❤
        Hugs and kisses!
        Roxy 🙂

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