Santa was here! Yay! :-)

Dear Santa,

thank you so much for visiting us and putting all those nice presents under the tree. You’re a very generous guy. We hope you liked the cookies we left you. They were good, right? We may have eaten one or two too… 😉

Oh, and did you know that we tried to catch you in the act this time? We had put up cameras everywhere, hehe. And when we woke up from our well-deserved nap, we were beyond thrilled to find lots of presents under the tree. But when we watched the video, we didn’t see you on it!? How did you do this? How could you put all those nice goodies under the tree without being seen? Are you some kind of wizard? Like Harry Potter? Can you do magic? Well, if you can, you’re really good at it! Well, you may have fooled us this time, but you know what? Next year, we will stay up all night! Next year, we WON’T miss you!!

Okay Santa, we hope you have a safe trip back to the North Pole! We don’t know what you’re up to the 11 other months of the year! You’ll probably be sleeping, right? These trips around the world must be exhausting! So you probably need the rest of the year to recharge. We’re going to take a long nice nap now too… we’re pretty exhausted after all that unwrapping of presents… *yawn*

Take care, Santa! We see you next year – same time, same place! 😉

xoxo Roxy & Tigerlino

Roxy & Tigerlino


18 thoughts on “Santa was here! Yay! :-)

  1. Dear Roxy & Tigerlino,
    Do you think Santa is a wizard? If so then next year he’ll find a better way not to be seen although you’ll be awake and exhausted all night.
    What do say, you write a letter to Harry Potter and ask for help? Maybe in 11 months of hard work you’ll become an apprentice wizard, so when Santa comes you will dare his tricks!!!
    We miss you so much. You look so warm and peaceful on the blanket. Especially Tigerlino.
    Roxy, do you think T is snoring in this picture?
    My lady, I kiss from your paw and purr next to you (in Dream Land)
    Kisses and Purrs <3<3<3

    • Hi sweet Yelloz,
      becoming apprentices of Harry Potter? Now that’s a fantastic idea! We might just do this! Do you by any chance know where we can find Harry Potter? Do you think he still lives in Hogwarts? Do we need an owl to send a message to him?? Questions, questions, questions… 😉
      We miss you too! ❤ Oh and I think Tigerlino was indeed snoring in that picture. He does snore a lot, you know… Not that he would ever admit this to anyone (especially not to Mimi)… 😉
      My Yelloz, I'm already in Dream Land waiting for you… 🙂
      Kisses and purrs <3<3<3
      Yours forever, Roxy 🙂

      • My Lady, My Love, Beautiful Roxy,
        I’m happy that you’ve liked my idea. Thank you, my love. I don’t know whether Harry Potter is still at Hogwarts. Even if we can’t track him, we can study some magic by ourselves, so that you can meet Santa next year. How about writing on your wish list “I want to meet you Santa”? Maybe it works 🙂
        I won’t tell Mimi that Tigerlino is snoring, this is between our brother pact. Men keep secrets and don’t sneak about them to women.
        I’m happy that you are safe and have eaten turkey for dinner.
        I love you
        I miss you
        I love you more <3<3<3
        Kisses and purrs
        Your Yelloz 🙂

      • Why Yelloz! YOU ARE ONE SMART CAT!!! The idea with the wish list is even better than the other one! Boy am I glad to have you as my boyfriend! You’re the smartest cat I’ve ever met! And you’re all mine! Yeah! 😀
        The turkey was delicious! But now I’m pretty stuffed… 😉 I’m going to take a nap now. Hope to see you again in dream land! 😀
        I love you too!
        I miss you too!
        I love you even MORE <3<3<3
        Kisses, hugs and purrs
        Yours forever, Roxy 🙂

      • Oh Roxy! If I’m smart it is because of you 🙂 Because you appreciate me like that and I’m trying my best to be worthy of deserving you 🙂
        I’m proud to be your boyfriend. I’m honored that you are my girlfriend. <3<3<3
        5 mins later in Dream Land 🙂
        Good night – sweet dreams
        I love you More Squared 🙂
        Your Yelloz <3<3<3

      • Oh my sweetheart Yelloz! I’m very proud to be your girlfriend too! You make me so happy! 😀
        I’m off to Dream Land. I’m super excited to meet you there…
        I heart you!! ❤
        Yours Roxy <3<3<3

    • Hey Little Binky, we really ARE exhausted… all that unwrapping of presents has taken its toll on us… 😉 We hope Santa brought you a lot of nice things too! Have a wonderful Boxing Day! Pawkisses! 🙂

    • Good to know that Santa always fall for the cookies. But he must have quite a bad belly ache right now after eating all those cookies the kids left out for him… 😉 And yes, he was worth waiting for. We can’t complain… 😉 xoxo

  2. Bei euch war also der Weihnachtsmann? Wir liegen ja im Einzugsgebiet der Christkatz, aber wir haben die auch nicht gesehen 😦 Was hat der Weihnachtsmann euch denn gebracht?
    Schnurrer Engel und Teufel

    • Hey ihr Süßen, ihr habt die auch nicht gesehen?? Echt komisch, oder? Hat die überhaupt schon mal jemand gesehen??? Nicht dass es am Ende die Dosis sind, die die Geschenke unter den Baum legen während wir schlafen?????????? 😯 Aber egal, ja der Weihnachtsmann hat uns auch reichlich beschenkt mit vielen Leckerlis, einer tollen Kratzwelle, Spielbällen, 2 Catnip-Mäusen und einem superlangen Baldriankissen… Mmmh duftet es jetzt vielleicht gut hier im Haus… 😉 Wir haben gesehen, dass die Christkatz sich bei euch aber auch nicht hat lumpen lassen. Ihr habt ja auch schöne viele Dinge bekommen. 🙂

      Schnurrige Grüße und ganz viel Spass beim Spielen!
      Roxy & Tigerlino

  3. Wow what a genius idea using cameras! I tried to stay up but I fell asleep and missed Santa Paws! Your findings are very interesting! So Santa Paws has invisibility powers. Perhaps if we put some paint somewhere that he’ll stand in it then we can follow his foot prints! We will have to think of some plans for next year! 🙂

    • Wow Morris, that’s a fantastic idea!! You’re a GENIUS! 🙂 Yeah, we should put that plan of yours into action nex year, hehe! And if we don’t catch Santa in the act, you will! What a great plan!!:-)

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