Waiting for Santa Claus

Waiting for Santa Claus...


16 thoughts on “Waiting for Santa Claus

  1. Dear Roxy and Tigerlino!
    You might be in danger. I don’t have much time. I’ve heard Servant Z talking to herself (we all know about her being a little lunatic) but this time I’m scared and in need to protect and warn you as my love and my brother.
    I’ve heard her say “Oh look at Roxy’s furry puffy back, I’ll eat you, I’ll turn your back and open your stomach and rub you, kiss you, hug you, eat you again, you sweetest girl”. I don’t know what to say… Then she passed to Tigerlino, my poor brother, you had wishes waiting to come true but she was saying “I’ll eat you too Tigerlino, you purry furry creamy colored handsome boy. I’ll open your stomach and kiss you, tickle you, squeeze your white marked paws and kiss them, and eat you more”.
    I’m sorry my dears, you are too young to be eaten…
    Oh, she’s coming back to the room!!!
    I wish with all my heart that you’ve seen Santa in the window and he may help you out!!!
    Yours, Yelloz & Mimi…

    • OMG! What!? Are you serious??? 😯 What could she have possibly meant by this? Do you really think she’d eat us? OMG! But how can this be? She seems like the sweetest servant there is! Are you sure you heard her right? Maybe you’re mistaken? Maybe she said “I’ll meet you” instead of “I’ll eat you”!?

      OMG! What shall we do? Do you think we should go into hiding? Has she already purchased a plane ticket? Help! We’re freaking out here…
      Okay, it will probably be best if we go into hiding right now. Under the bed might be a good place (hope she doesn’t read this).
      Thanks for the warning, sweethearts! We hope to hear from you soon!
      We love you! ❤ ❤ ❤
      Roxy & Tigerlino

      P.S. It wasn't Santa… 😦

  2. Oh, we are lucky that she left the room again to make a phone call.
    Oh no!!! Is it to buy a ticket?
    If she meant “meet you” instead of “eat you”, it is worse! It means it is official that she comes and meets you and eats you… Oh my God, what can we do?
    You hide my dears, under the bed it is the perfect idea! She wouldn’t fit under the bed.
    Actually, when I give a second thought, I remember now. When she speaks about something she loves especially when there is a cat involved, I’ve heard her saying “eat”. But never have seen her eat “meat” because she is a vegetarian. She says “I don’t eat my friends”.
    So this is it!!! We you are also her friends and she won’t eat you 🙂
    You can’t know how terrified I’ve been. I think the “Code Red” situation is over. 🙂
    For a moment I thought I would lose you…
    We are happy to have heard about you today 🙂 But I’m sad that it wasn’t Santa in the window. But hold on my dear, there are countable hours left only…
    You know what? There has been a coincidence about our posts today. How nice it is  Mimi was bird watching today and she was taking pictures of them. Various kinds of birds come and sing at the neighbor roof tops in the morning. She had a plan to catch one of them and planned to send a private message to Tigerlino. But she gave up already 
    I love you and missed you my Lady, my Beautiful Roxy.
    And missed you too my handsome brother Tigerlino.
    I’m happy you’re safe now 🙂
    Billions x Millions Kisse, Yelloz

    • Hey Yelloz, my perfect, handsome and smart boyfriend! ❤
      Thank God it was only a misunderstanding! We're soooo relieved! And so happy we're safe! So does this mean we can crawl out from under the bed now? 😉
      Oh and Mimi was bird watching today? What a coincidence! 🙂 We love bird watching too! We've seen the pictures Mimi has taken! Wow, there are sooo many birds in your neighborhood! It must be so much fun to watch them. 🙂 Sorry to hear Mimi wasn't able to catch one. Tigerlino would have been thrilled to receive a private message from her. 🙂

      I love you and miss you! Hope to see you again tonight in dream land! 😉
      Sending billions x millions of kisses to you, my love! ❤
      Yours Roxy

  3. Yes my love, you can come out and please don’t crawl. Feel free to walk around and play.
    Tonight you will sleep and tomorrow night it is your Christmas? Wow, it is so exciting!!! We will celebrate it here for you and pray that all your wishes come true.
    Oh, now Servant Z came and sat next to me, she says,you look PURRFECT!!! in the picture of todays.
    We wish you two and your humans Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
    Yelloz&Mimi&Servant Z and family…
    P.S. See you in dreamland my love <3<3<3

    • Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas wishes, my love! That’s so very kind of you all! 🙂 Yes, Santa is coming to us TOMORROW!!! Yeah! We can’t wait! 😀

      Tell Serv Z. that we wish her and her family a Happy New Year too! 😀
      Love you, my sweet Yelloz! See you in a few seconds… <3<3<3

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