Tigerlino’s X-mas Wish List

Hey Santa,

it’s me – Tigerlino!! 😀 You still have that Christmas Wish List I sent you last year, right? Well… you can use that list again this year… I’d just like to add a few (minor) things to that list… 😀

Tigerlino’s X-mas Wish List (amendments) 😆

A spiderman/batman/superman/ironman costume… so I have something nice to wear for the carnival party next year (I can’t decide which one of those heroes is the best/coolest… so it would be very nice if you would get me all of those costumes. You don’t mind, do you? 😀 )

That Knight’s Castle (scratching furniture) or that cool race car (cat bed) I’ve spotted in that pet furniture catalog the humans were thumbing through – either one will do… or both… I leave it up to you to decide… 😀

A subscription to “Tomcat’s Health”, “GQ Tomcat” or “Playcat”

Oh, and could you please get Roxy her own blanket…so she’ll stop using mine… thanks.

See you on Christmas! I’ll be the one waiting next to Roxy!!

Hugs (and please try not to be late on Christmas Eve),



32 thoughts on “Tigerlino’s X-mas Wish List

  1. wow de wow… quelle beauté parfaite… I’m serious!
    * * *
    “On ne choisit jamais un chat: c’est lui qui vous choisit.” – “You never choose a cat: the cat chooses you.”(Philippe Ragueneau)
    = = =
    “Les chiens ont des maîtres, les chats ont des serviteurs.” – “Dogs have masters, cats have servants.”(Dave Barry)
    = = =
    “Les chats sont des êtres faits pour emmagasiner des caresses.” – “Cats are creatures made ​​to store cuddles…”(Stéphane Mallarmé) – absolutely and definitely true! 🙂

    • Thank you, dear Mélanie!!! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

      Lucky-Loulou is a very beautiful tomcat too! The color of his eyes is mesmerizing… Is it amber? Really beautiful… 🙂
      He seems like a really great guy… we'd LOVE to play with him… 😀

      Sending big hugs to both of you!
      Tigerlino ❤

  2. Dear Tigerlino,
    FIRST Things FIRST !!! I have noticed that Shrimp has nominated you for the Blog Award of the Year !!! Congratulations 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Serv Z says Hi and sorry… But she’s exhausted these days because of work. But I know she will nominate you back for the award, so please you may count 3 STARS already. 🙂

    Hey T,
    Are you aware that your whiskers are very long? You look very handsome. Actually, I’m a man too. But my sister Mimi has a crush on you. She’s my sister-in-law but, I have to be honest with you since we’re buddies man-to-man. She’s over-fat, lazy, scratches all the objects in the house, no need to say->she eats non-stop.
    This comment should be about you, look what I did!
    Yes, Tigerlino!
    I wish Dear Santa would read your list and without missing any point.
    Shhh, Mimi. OK, I will tell Tigerlino that she would love to see you in the BatMan costume.
    No, Mimi. Shhh. She says, she will add to her list for Dear Santa, the CatLady costume. Girls… Dreamers…

    Please forward my greetings to Princess Roxy.

    Paw Five !!!

    • Thank you so much, sweet Yelloz! We’re overwhelmed! You’re simply the best! You made our day! 😀 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! 😀

      Yeah, Tigerlino’s whiskers are extremely long… He was overjoyed to hear thta your sister Mimi has a little crush on him… He said he might think about wearing that Batman costume just for her!!! 🙂 And he would love to see her in a Catlady costume! Maybe he’ll invite her for that party and she can go as his date??? Wouldn’t that be cool? 😉

      Hugs and many purrs,

      • Thank you more !!!
        Tigerlino, you are my friend, Friends protect each other, warn each other. I’m telling you in advance that she will eat all your food and treats and finish catnip, take your blanket and Roxy’s (after Santa brings a new one for her, she will take the new one and won’t return the old one).
        But, a coffee date may no do harm, why not give a try?
        You make my and Serv Z’s day everday !!!
        Thank you so much 🙂

      • Ooh, so she’s a little bit complicated, huh? 😯 Well, thanks for the warning, but I might still give a coffee date a try! 😀 It won’t hurt giving it a try, right? As for her eating all my food… I wouldn’t mind… I’m not much into food anyway… though the humans might say that I desperately need it but really, I’d rather play or think of ways to tease Roxy than eat… 😉 The only one ENJOYING her food here is Roxy!!! :lol LOL 😆 😉

        Have a wonderful day! Hope yor Serv Z will come home earlier today!!
        Kitty hugs,

      • I’m sorry that you don’t eat much dear Tigerlino… But I’m sure your Humans are taking good care of you and you are healthy!
        I will organize Mimi for a coffee date for you. Soon with the pictures. She started to tear down her gardrobe already about what to wear 🙂
        Serv Z has only bought me a Handy but it’s a pre-paid, so I don’t have much credits to call or text friends. She says it’s for emergency only.
        She promised an early coming back home for Friday!!!
        Hope you and beautiful Roxy have a super purry and happy Friday!!!
        Thank you.
        Purrs and nose kiss

      • Don’t worry about me, Yelloz! I’m healthy… It’s just that there are so many things to do here that I simply forget to eat… 😉

        Ooh, I’m excited about my coffee date with Mimi too! (And I don’t even like coffee very much!!! 😉 ) Oh please do set a date for Mimi and me! I’m really looking forward to meeting her! 😀

        Nose kisses (and a special hug for Mimi)!

    • Dear Yelloz,

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! We’re so happy to have you (and your Serv Z) as our friends!!! (*doing a happy dance*) 😀 Thank you for thinking of us in such a special way! We hope you’ll get the maximum of 6 stars too! You deserve it so much!!! 🙂

      Thank you for your wishes! 😀 We’re not sure if you celebrate Christmas but have a good time anyway! And a very Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

      Hugs and many purrs,
      Roxy & Tigerlino

  3. Hi Roxy&Tigerlino,
    T, I’ve passed your special hug to Mimi. She is very happy. This is the first time a rocking super star like you has an interest for her.
    Let’s don’t think much about the future, but just enjoy what it is today 🙂
    Thank you.
    See you around tonight and in the weekend !
    Nose touch

    • Hi Yelloz,
      I’m glad I made Mimi happy! 😀 I’m sure she is a sweetheart!! Hey, why don’t we all go out to party tonight! That might be fun! How about we all meet at your place at 9 pm?

      Brotherly hugs,

      • Yeah!!! This is a great program!
        Mimi should be brushed by Serv Z. Guess what? She didn’t keep her promise to come back early. But just texted again, saying millions of unacceptable reasons why she’s late.
        But we will push the conditions the most, to post a date picture of us :-)))
        Thank you.
        Brotherly hugs back

      • Okay, sounds like a plan, buddy! We’ll see you at 9 pm! I’ve already told Roxy about it… she’s very excited to meet you… (was even blushing when I mentioned your name 😆 )

        See you later!

        P.S. Sorry to hear about Serv Z not keeping her promise to come home early… 😦 Hope she’ll make it up to you by giving you extra cuddles…

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  5. Wow, du hast aber viele Wünsche Tigerlino, da ist ja der Sack der Christkatz gleich mit deinen Geschenken voll 🙂 Da ist ja gar kein Platz mehr für Roxy’s oder unsere Geschenke 🙂
    Schnurrer Engel und Teufel

    • Ach, die Roxy hat doch schon alles!! Die hatte ja auch schon Vorsprung, weil sie den Weihnachtsmann schon 3 Jahre länger kennt als ich! 😉 Aber für Eure Geschenke lasse ich natürlich gerne noch ein kleines Plätzchen im Sack des Weihnachtsmannes zu! 😉


  6. Das gibt es doch nicht!!! So viele Wünsche kann man doch gar nicht haben. Tigerlino ist aber ganz schön gierig. Wie soll die arme Christkatz das alles bewältigen???
    Und die arme Roxy soll gar nichts bekommen, nur weil sie den Weihnachtsmann schon länger kennt. Ich weiss ja nicht, ob ihr das gefallen wird!!!

    Liebe Grüße von


    • Hallo liebe Elke,
      ich war aber das ganze Jahr über GANZ, GANZ lieb! Großes Indianer-Ehrenwort!! Und für die Roxy habe ich mir doch auch etwas gewünscht! Außerdem war ihr Wunschzettel sogar noch länger als meiner! Und sie hat sich ja sogar eine LKW-Ladung voller Leckerlis gewünscht. Dagegen sind doch meine Wünsche eher bescheiden, oder? 😉

      Liebe Grüße,

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