Dear Santa…

Dear Santa,

you remember me from last year, don’t you? My name is Roxy and I have been a super good kitty all year if you don’t count the broken vase… but in my defense… the thing was pretty ugly anyway…

I am super excited that Christmas – my FAVORITE holiday – is almost here! My favorite part about this time of year is making my Christmas WISH LIST! Woo hoo! Don’t get me wrong, I love gifts that are bought without any hints as to what I want…( 😦 ) but it’s also nice to get EXACTLY what you ask for, right? 😀 So here are some of the things that I HOPE to find under the Christmas tree…

Tuna, tuna, tuna…
A truckload of treats
Another truckload of treats
Boxes in different sizes
A beauty case (not that I need any beauty treatments… 😉 )
Another truckload of treats
A toy mouse to play with (maybe two or three or…)
A subscription to “Cat People Magazine” (I love me some gossip!)
Vouchers for MacCats (mmhh, the mice burgers there are yummy-licious…)
Oh, and did I already mention a truckload of treats?

Santa, can you help me to make my wishes come true? I’d be forever grateful!
See you on Christmas! I’ll be the one waiting under the Christmas tree!!!

Kitty hugs and kisses,
Roxy 😀



15 thoughts on “Dear Santa…

  1. Dear Roxy,
    Is this all you want??? When I checked your list, I thought that the Humans should be thankful to us since we cats are in need of a handful of needs, but in return we give them more.
    And what about Tigerlino? Is she ashamed to make her own list to Dear Santa? Or was she a little bit of a bad girl this year?
    Well, whatever you think you both have done (including the vase) bad, they weren’t your faults. It is the Humans who are guilty. If they didn’t put a vase on your route, you wouldn’t have broken it. They should also consider gifts for Christmas to you for your psychologic stress you’ve been through from sound of the broken vase. Hah!
    I wish all your would dreams come true 🙂
    Best wishes and more purrs!!!

    • Hey cutie-pie,
      don’t worry about Tigerlino. He will post his wish list tomorrow. 😀 He’s a lazy kind of guy… so his list wasn’t finished yet when I uploaded mine. 😉

      Oh, and you’re so right about the vase. If the humans hadn’t put it there, it wouldn’t have fallen down… and it sure wasn’t my fault that my tail was waving back and forth so much that the vase was knocked over by it, right? 😉

      Thank you so much for your kind wishes! 😀 Hope that all your dreams will come true too! 🙂

      Many hugs and purrs,

      • Oh!!! I’m very sorry that accidently I referred to Tigerlino as “she”. Thank you for secretly warning me. Now we are sharing a secret!!!
        OK, I’m happy that he had his own list to Dear Santa!
        Thank you 🙂
        Serv Z is again late from work to home. She texted me that she’s on her way, but I miss her all day.
        Claw claw&Purrs

      • Don’t worry about thinking Tigerlino was a girl… It’s hard to tell since we’re all covered in fur… 😉 I actually think it’s funny!!! 😆 But don’t worry – I won’t tell him! 😉

        Sorry to hear that your Serv Z is late from work. But I’m sure she’ll be home soon. Good thing she has already texted you to give you an update on her whereabouts! That’s pretty cool! 😀 Make sure she gives you some extra cuddles once she’s home… 😉

        Purrs and kisses, ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Da haben wir ja eine ganz Verschleckerte 😀 Roxy, Roxy, meinst du nicht, dass du es mit den Leckerlies ein klitzekleines Bissl übertreibst? 😉 So viele Lkw’s voller Leckerlies, da wirst du ja dick und rund 😉
    Schnurrer Engel und Teufel

    PS: einen Lkw kannst du uns doch abgeben, oder? 😉

    • Na ich musste doch sicherstellen, dass der Weihnachtsmann diesen speziellen Wunsch NICHT überliest! Darum habe ich ihn mehrmals in meiner Wunschliste untergebracht! 😉 Aber wenn er mir alle 4 LKW-Ladungen voller leckerer Leckerlis bringt, dann könnt ihr natürlich gerne eine – na gut, vielleicht sogar zwei – davon abbekommen! 😀

      Eure Roxy-Maus 🙂

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